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AP-315 & 367 (Indoor & Outdoor) doesn't boot properly

Hello guys,


we currently have the problem that our Acces Points doesn't boot correctly.


We boot them first in our office so they show up on the mobility master, give them a name and reboot them.


One of our local admins take them with them and install them in diffrent locations.


Then the AP's either doesn't boot and shows as offline on MM or they are "online" with an uptime of 0 sec.

Our AirWave Server doesn't even recognize the AP.



I don't think it's a warranty case, because they were working in our office.

Maybe a switch issue? Too less power? Any ideas are appreciated.




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Re: AP-315 & 367 (Indoor & Outdoor) doesn't boot properly

What is the difference when they show as offline or as online with a 0 uptime? Have you reviewed the logs for any issues? Are these are any flags against the AP in the AP database? Have you checked the power being allocated by the switch?


show log all | include [AP IP ADDRESS]
show ap database
show ap debug system-status ap-name [AP NAME]


If you are happy to share the output we can review.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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