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AP 325's?

With the new 325's having management becons in them does anyone know how to find out the BLE MAC on them once they are on the controller?

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Re: AP 325's?

show ap ble-table

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Re: AP 325's?

That doesn't seem like a valid command, we are running which is the lastest early deployment that supports these AP's


(aruba) #show ap ?
active                  Show APs currently registered on this switch
allowed-channels        Show the set of allowed channels
allowed-max-EIRP        Show max EIRP setting per country per AP type
ap-group                Show contents of AP's group
arm                     Show ARM Information
assoc-throttle-counte.. Show counters related to association request
association             Show Association table for an AP
authorization-profile   Show an AP Authorization profile
band-steering-clients   Show Band Steering State
blacklist-clients       Show all clients being DoSed
blacklist-time          Show the amount of blacklist time of the STA when it
                        is blacklisted in between disconnection and
bss-table               Show bssids of all APs registered on this switch
bw-report               Show bandwidth allocation report for an AP
client                  Show wireless client specific information
config                  Show AP configuration parameters. Must specify
                        ap-name and/or ap-group and optionally essid.

Re: AP 325's?

Tim forgot a word :-)


(Aruba7010) #show  ap debug ble-table ap-name HomeOffice-225


BLE Device Table


MAC                HW_Type    FW_Ver        Flags   Status  Batt(%)  RSSI  Major#  Minor#  UUID                                  Tx_Power  Last Update  Uptime

---                -------    ------        -----   ------  -------  ----  ------  ------  ----                                  --------  -----------  ------

f4:b8:5e:43:42:aa  HAWTHORNE  OAD B 1.1-27  0x0103  IAH     --       -82   1000    2333    5152554E-F99B-4A3B-86D0-947070693A78  14        1s           17h:28m:0s

78:a5:04:58:65:9a  LS-BT1     OAD B 1.1-4   0x0003  IAH     100      -79   1000    2176    55E67D09-BED6-49D8-86D5-50E0216C4952  1         269s         13d:6h:50m:0s

c4:be:84:1d:1f:6f  LS-BT1USB  OAD B 1.1-25  0x0003  LIA     USB      --    1000    2177    5152554E-F99B-4A3B-86D0-947070693A78  15        6s           17h:23m:0s

78:a5:04:58:5f:bb  LS-BT1     OAD B 1.1-4   0x0003  IAH     100      -74   1000    2179    55E67D09-BED6-49D8-86D5-50E0216C4952  2         421s         5d:13h:30m:0s

c4:be:84:1d:23:6a  LS-BT1USB  OAD B 1.1-25  0x0003  IAH     USB      -88   1000    2361    5152554E-F99B-4A3B-86D0-947070693A78  15        1s           17h:23m:30s

6c:ec:eb:3f:be:ae  LS-BT1     OAD B 1.1-4   0x0003  IAH     100      -83   1000    2180    55E67D09-BED6-49D8-86D5-50E0216C4952  3         381s         2d:7h:0m:0s

Total beacons:6

APB UI:[0/NO_UPGRADE_REQD]:65535(0xffff) blks:0/0 rep:0  total:0(0x0)

APB UI:upg_b_status-next:0x00/ooo:0x00/next2:0x00/upg_b:0x00/allrx:0x00/oooBlk:0x00/oooBlk:0x00/oooBlk:0x00

APB UI:upg_b_status_errs-inv_upg:0x00/inv_cmd:0x00/inv_op:0x00/buf_tl:0x00/good:0x00

APB UI:acks/ka-From APB:0x00/0x00 From app:0x00,0x00/0x00

APB UI Clock:Start:1969-12-31 20:00:00  End:1969-12-31 20:00:00  Current:2016-02-17 10:51:36 

Note: Battery level for LS-BT1USB devices is indicated as USB.

Note: Uptime is shown as Days hour:minute:second.

Note: Last Update is time in seconds since last heard update.

Status Flags:L:AP's local beacon; I:iBeacon; A: Aruba Beacon; H: Aruba HiPower Beacon

            :U:Image Upgrade Pending



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Re: AP 325's?

Try this one :
(MASTER-CONTROLLER) #show ap debug ble-?
ble-config Show config for this AP's BLE daemon
ble-counters Show pkt counters for BLE devices seen by this AP
ble-log Show ble debug logs for an AP
ble-table Show stats for BLE devices seen by this AP
ble-update-status Show config update status for BLE devices seen by this AP

(MASTER-CONTROLLER) #show ap debug ble-table ap-name

BLE Device Table
Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: AP 325's?

Sorry, yes, missed a word.

"show ap debug ble-table | include L" will show you only the local BLE radio
inside the AP.

| Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security | @timcappalli | timcappalli.me |

NOTE: Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
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Re: AP 325's?

Hi All,
Short question to the experts ... we are currently faceing issues with the first produced AP 325 with a beacon firmware version 1.1-34

i upgrade our controller to 6.5.2 and tested if the beacon firmware 
will upgraded to 1.2-17 

Sadly this don`t work ... 

the problem is that with the old firmware the AP`s stop working after a while ... and i am now searching for a solution how could i fix this for the effected AP`s (not all are effected based on the production serial number CNC7H and below )

every hint is welcome 




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Re: AP 325's?

You should open a TAC case so that they can determine what is really wrong.  Based on their testing, they could figure out of you have a hardware or a configuration issue and take it from there...

*Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba Networks or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.*
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