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AP-365-rw outdoor

hello, excuse me if i'm not in the right forum.

i have an AP-365-RW (outdoor) that i want to configure but i only have an RJ45 port which i believe is the ethernet port, not console.

I have a small cable to connect to a console port but i can't find this port.

I can't find documentation for installing this AP.

I already have an IAP-325-RW and i want to know if this outdoor AP is going to make a cluster with this one.

thanks for your help.

Re: AP-365-rw outdoor

For Unified Access Points (like the 365), you can use Activate to get firmware on the AP or you can let it come up with the provisioning SSID and manually load the Instant firmware (downloadable from the support site). Once your 315 and 365 are on the same IAP firmware, they will form a cluster.


The installation guide will show you where the USB console port is. The driver for it and all supporting documentation can be found on support.arubanetworks.com

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Re: AP-365-rw outdoor

Thanks for your response.

Unfortunately, the aruba 365 is not joining the cluster properly.

When i use https GUI, i'm redirected to the IP of the master (aruba 325) but the aruba 365 is not listed in "Access Point".

When i ssh to the aruba 365, i got a "degraded state" message.


Aruba 325 is on firmware, buid 61877

Aruba 365 is on firmware, build 61807


When i use GUI to update on the aruba 365, it says i'm on the latest version.


What can i do ?



Re: AP-365-rw outdoor



you can download version for the IAP 365 from support.arubanetworks.com.


Afterwards, you can upload it manually to the AP.



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Re: AP-365-rw outdoor

I installed build 61959.

I still have the problem.

Do APs need to be at same version AND same build ?

Re: AP-365-rw outdoor

Yes, if the expectation is that all IAPs join the same cluster, they MUST be on same version AND same build.

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Re: AP-365-rw outdoor

So i installed build 61959 on the 2 IAPs.

Now it's OK.


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