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AP-387 in L2 point-to-point configuration



We have a pair of AP-387 and I was wondering about the capabilities. Our environment is a multi-controller environment with a single L2 cluster. We have a building that is not on our fiber and we were considering perhaps using a pair of AP-387 APs to do a point to point link. However, I'm not exactly sure how this would work and what the traffic flow would look like.


Ideally, I would like them to just operate as a L2 link but it doesn't look like that's possible.


Is all the traffic going to be tunneled back to the controller(s)?


How are these APs best set up? I know these questions are vague, but I'm a bit confused how this point to point radio should be used. We really don't want these serving clients, we just want to use them as a building to building link.


Documents, information, thoughts?


Re: AP-387 in L2 point-to-point configuration



As per your design requirement, you can use a Mesh network to provide WLAN to clients.


And as per AP-387 very much suitable for Mesh. and Its use 60GHZ mesh link between Mesh portal and Mesh point.


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Re: AP-387 in L2 point-to-point configuration

If you want them to act as a standalone point-to-point bridge, see recent threads below. With this setup they won't show up on the controller and you'll managed them individually as standalone devices. I usually prefer to keep my point-to-point links setup this way, so that any controller issues, config, upgrades, whatever don't impact the point-to-point. You'll just set them up in standalone mesh mode, trunk/bridge their interfaces, and if you have a switch on either side the switch just thinks it's a wire between the two and you configure a trunk like normal. 





Here's a similar guide for IAP Outdoor Mesh, which is effectively what you are doing, but be sure to configure them in 'standalone mode' per the previous threads rather than in VC cluster mode. This guide will help you visualize the traffic flow also. 





If you DO want them on the controller, see this AOS Outdoor Mesh config guide. 






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