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AP-515 or AP-514 with external Antenna for warehouse



i have a question regarding the AP-515/514.


We have a historical WLAN-installation in a warehouse with AP-92 on a old controller with external antennas (see picture "ap"; i do not know the dbi).

In my opinion there are also too much APs installed (see picture "plan").


Now we want to upgrade to AP515/514 in this warehouse. My idea was to take the AP515 with internal antennas, but i do not know in which hight (maximum) i can mount them to get enought signal at the ground.

Or should i take the AP-514 with AP-ANT-40?


We have some handheld scanners and some scanners on forklifter in this area.





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Re: AP-515 or AP-514 with external Antenna for warehouse

IMHO the current ap placement is really the way you should avoid it at all. I would place the aps only shifted in mutliples lines of corridors between shelves to limit interferences. And before you replace old APs with new ones: please double check the compatibility of your handheld devices / scanners and their roaming bevaior with the new aps by doing a proper POC.

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Re: AP-515 or AP-514 with external Antenna for warehouse

Let's start with the question. What is the mounting height right now? With the AP-92 and current antennas, have you had or are you having any coverage issues today? What is that antenna being used now?


As an FYI, we generally recommend using the AP-36x family of APs for warehouses (prevents the need for those boxes you are currently using.


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