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AP 65 how to access



I have never played with Aruba APs before so I am complete beginner.


What I would like to know is:

- can AP 65 work without controller ?

- how do I access it?


I have plugged the AP into my PoE switch and the switch is plugged into my Router. 


AP 65 has been assigned IP Address. 


Tried over web browser on port 80 and 443 - no luck

Tried over telnet on port 23 - no luck


Can I use Hyper Terminal to access with a Cisco console cable?


If there is no way that AP can work without the controller, can I flash IOS like with Cisco kit to make it work as a standalone AP??



Thanks for any replies.


Re: AP 65 how to access

The AP-65 requires a controller to operate.  Newer APs can be ordered as IAPs (Instant APs).  These can be used without a controller.   They can also be converted to controller-based.
The AP-65 does not have a console port, however you can console to it with a SPOE adapater (serial breakout cable):  CA-SPOE-ADAPT-3.    


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Re: AP 65 how to access

Thanks clembo


I was trying to use it as a standalone AP but if there is no option there is no much I can do...

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