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AP-68 dying when PoE and console

Hello everybody,

has anyone noticed this too?


I've already destroyed two AP-68 when I was testing on them with console cable connected and AP PoE powered.


First case: AP-68 with poe from MC620, after some testing AP dies

Second case: AP-68 on poe injector, suddently AP dies and does not even show bootloader - only PWR and Radio LED are steady amber.


I suspect ground/voltage difference problem so my internal workaround is run laptop on batteries...



Re: AP-68 dying when PoE and console

You should be able to console and power the AP via POE unless there is some local power issue, bad voltages, dirty power, etc. If you can run them on battery via the laptop but the APs have issues when your laptop is on AC power, it makes me wonder if you should look at using a USB console cable, instead of a local COM port (if you aren't using a USB console already), or possibly try a different console adapter...

Are you in US or outside of US?

Jerrod Howard
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Re: AP-68 dying when PoE and console

I'm configuring Aruba AP's almost daily past two years with the same laptop and never had this problem with AP-93 or AP105, which leads me to conclusion it's AP-68 problem.

It's not important as we sell minimal numbers of AP-68, I just become currious how such basic things as connecting console can brick an AP.

I'm in Europe.

Would it be interesting to hear if other people have this problem and that was the reason I've started this thread.

Thanks for your time.



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