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AP-85 won't upgrade to new AOS

Installed a 3600 controller running FIPS. I have an AP-85 running FIPS that won't upgrade. It pulls an IP from DHCP but that doesn't do me any good. I've consoled in and performed a 'purgeenv' and 'reset' with no luck.


Any idea how to get this device to pull down the correct version? Ialso looked for a CLI guide for AOS 3.3 with no luck.

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Re: AP-85 won't upgrade to new AOS

I believe they have to be step upgraded to 6.x by first upgrading to the latest 5.x.
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Re: AP-85 won't upgrade to new AOS

Appreciate the quick reply. How would I step upgrade an AP when the controller is running a higher version than what the first step would be? It's a production network so rolling back the OS on the controller isn't an option.
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Re: AP-85 won't upgrade to new AOS



The steps he is talking about is the controller.

The upgrade recommendations in the release notes for states this:


For ArubaOS 3.x.versions earlier than ArubaOS, download the latest version of ArubaOS 3.4.5.x.


So you should have upgraded to 3.4.5 before going up to 6.3.x.x. The reason for this is that the AP's have flash partitions for the images, these partitions are usually expanded on newer releases to take into account future releases being bigger.

This is most likely your problem, too small partition for the new image.


You need to move the AP-85 to a different controller for upgrade or downgrade, unfortunately.


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