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AP-93 Flagged as Inactive

I'm working on an AP configuration with the 802.11g radio disabled and the 802.11a radio enabled. When i provision an AP-93 with that profile it shows up in the ap database with an inactive flag and won't accept clients. If i enable the g radio and disable the a radio it works fine and accepts clients. I've tried several AP-93s and they all have the same result.  It seems to work just fine on the AP-105.

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Re: AP-93 Flagged as Inactive

In the AP system profile, whats the RF Band parameter set to? If it's "g", the AP-93 will put its radio in 2.4 mode. Any SSIDs set for "a" only won't work. If you ONLY have an "a" SSID, there won't be any enabled SSIDs, so the AP will be in Inactive mode. Make sure the AP system profile is not in use any where else before you change the RF Band parameter (if that turns out to be the issue). The AP-93 is a single radio, dual band AP. The AP-105 is dual radio.
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Re: AP-93 Flagged as Inactive

Not only was that fast but it was correct. Thanks!

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