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AP-93H and Spanning Tree, port blocking, loops

Hey everyone, we've installed many AP-93Hs.  The problem we're now seeing is that users (likely kids, I work for a school board) are looping ports on the AP-93H, causing strange issues for not only that AP-93H, but other AP-93Hs in the school.


I have spanning tree enabled on the controller, but it doesn't seem to be helping.  I don't really want to start disabling ports as that's a great feature of the AP, does anyone know of any other way to protect against loops?





Re: AP-93H and Spanning Tree, port blocking, loops

I'm glad you posted this.  I have seen this same issue on RAPs (with unauthenticated ports); and it has been an issue I've been looking for input on.  The MAS has the ability to enable port security and detect loops; I posted a question back in May of 2012, but never got a response......hopefully they'll bring this capability to ArubaOS.

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Re: AP-93H and Spanning Tree, port blocking, loops

Did either of you ever find a good solution to this problem?

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