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AP-93H wired clients



AOS (customer build), 2x7210 master/sbymaster & 6 7220 locals


We are inheriting some 93H APs from a customer's network (ie we will be bumping them across to our controller, they will remain on the customer's site). We don't use huge numbers of the H APs (and obviously the 93H's are a little long in the tooth now) but I was playing with the config that we will provide for them and have hit a problem.


Our standard wired-ap-profile looks like this to allow PC or phone:


 Wired AP enable Enabled
Trusted Trusted
Forward mode bridge
Switchport mode trunk
Access mode VLAN 1
Trunk mode native VLAN 1
Trunk mode allowed VLANs 1,xxxx
Broadcast Broadcast


Where 'xxxx' is the appropriate phone vlan.


The wired port profile looks like:


Wired AP profile fitz_wiredap
Ethernet interface link profile default
AP LLDP profile default
Shut down No
Remote-AP Backup Enabled
AAA Profile N/A
Bridge Role N/A
Time to wait for authentication to succeed 20 sec
Spanning Tree Disabled
Portfast Disabled
Portfast on trunk Disabled


This is used on all of the 93H AP wired ports.


When I test this in the office I can connect a single device to one of the enet ports on the AP and it will come up fine - eg a phone or a laptop (though I have to manually configure the phone vlan on the phone itself). But if I try to connect a second device to another of the AP ports then that device fails to connect to the network (doesn't get an IP). There are no MAC address limits on the switchports upstream.


If I connect the phone first it comes up fine, but then subsequently connecting the PC to another port doesn't work (and vice versa). If I then disconnect the phone and release and renew the DHCP lease on the PC it starts working fine. If I then plug the phone back in (with the PC still connected) it (the phone) won't come up.


However if I connect the phone first and then daisychain the laptop off that both devices work ok.


Can anyone help?




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Re: AP-93H wired clients

Were you able to find a solution this problem? 

We are running into the same situation on our campus. 

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Re: AP-93H wired clients



Yes, we opened a TAC case and they have just confirmed that they were able to replicate the issue, and have found the cause (the AP was rebuilding packets with the wrong MAC address). I believe their engineering team have fixed it and now it's just a matter of what release it comes out in - it's fairly urgent for us and they are aware of that so they have said it will be soon. Whether that means we'll get a special customer build before it is included in general release I don't know.

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