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AP Boot - Ignoring DHCP

Morning all
Seems our AP's are ignoring option 43 setting in DHCP to find the master controller and choosing current DNS setting for aruba-master. We are sharing equipment between 2 companies one of which uses the DNS for their AP's. I thought with setting DHCP option for the other company AP's we could point the AP's to the other controller, seems not to be the case. AP model is 315.
Is there a different boot sequence with these?


Re: AP Boot - Ignoring DHCP

Hey, did you also configure DHCP Option 60 as well?




 The AP boot sequence checks for the DHCP options first, if these are not found it will move on to DNS. Are any other AP's having the same issue?

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: AP Boot - Ignoring DHCP

Yes, followed the docs and set option 60 aswell. Actually only tested one AP. But when the guys get in in the US later we can try another.

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