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AP Boot Process

Dear All,


I shall very thankful if anyone guide me about AP boot process when it is installed as Campus AP. I would be great if any diagram is available for the same.

As per my understanding when AP boots

  • It send DHCP request for IP Address
  • DHCP provides any IP address to the AP
  • When AP gets IP address it searches the IP address of controller via DHCP, DNS or ADP
  • When AP found the IP address of controller, (In tunnel mode) It create GRE Tunnel with controller,
  • After establishing tunnel, the AP downloads the configuration from contoller,
  • Once AP get the configuration, it start broad casting SSID.


  • When Client Tries to connect WLAN, It send request to AP,
  • AP fwd the request of client to controller via established tunnel,
  • in case of external DHCP server, The controller send client's DHCP request to the external DHCP server
  • DHCP server offers IP Address for the client.
  • The controller fwd the same IP address to AP for the client via tunnel
  • The AP offered that IP address to the client

and client start working.




Thanks & Regards
Syed Murad Ali
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Re: AP Boot Process

That is 100% correct.


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Re: AP Boot Process

Thank You very much.

Thanks & Regards
Syed Murad Ali
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