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AP Capacity Updates

When doing High Density Wireless Design (as defined in the VRD), one needs the AP capacity (i.e. Figure 9).  Where do I get updated capacity information for new APs that support 3x3 MIMO for example?  I believe the VRD only covers 2x2 MIMO.  I may also need capacity for mixes of clients using 2x2 and 3x3.




Re: AP Capacity Updates

All of our VRDs are written with real world testing to back them up.  We have not refreshed this VRD and have not completed all of the testing to have the 3 stream numbers.


The VRD is written with 2x2 MIMO in mind.  In this particular graphic all of the clients were two stream clients.  There has been signifcant growth in single stream clients (laptops and tablets).  My recommendation would be to use the 2 stream numbers since the 3 stream and 1 stream clients should roughly average out. 

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