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AP Comparison - AP305 Vs AP325



Can you tell me the difference between AP 305 and AP 325?

This is for a busy library which has 3 floors. We have suggested replacing AP225 to 305 or 325. We are looking at probably more than 200-300 users every day. We would be putting more than 3 AP as they have large and bigger room so to cover a different area. we are confused what to suggest them.  Please check floor plan for more idea

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Re: AP Comparison - AP305 Vs AP325

You would choose the AP-325 over the AP-305 if you:


- Need to have over 50 users on each access point (the AP-325 has more memory to handle that number of users)

- You need an access point that has dual ethernet ports.

- You need 4x4:4 Mimo


If you do not necessarily need either, you should choose the AP-315 or AP-305.


Please see the comparison here:  https://www.arubanetworks.com/products/networking/access-points/compare/#51516,66235,59240

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