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AP Configuration Profiles versus AP Provisioning Profile

Referring to the Aruba 6.1 User Guide:


Can I create multiple "AP Configuration Profiles" (page 114) and give them different names?


How can I assign the different "AP Configuration Profiles" to different "AP Groups"?  Where is this explained in the User Guide?


I noticed that I can assign a "Provisioning Profile" to an AP Group (page 129). Is the Provisioning Profile the same as the Configuration Profile?  I don't think so.


I would appreciate someone's help on the above.

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Re: AP Configuration Profiles versus AP Provisioning Profile

An AP configuration profile in the manual just describes ANY of a number of profiles that can be used to configure an AP.  A provisioning profile is something that is used to add additional provisioning information, like for a USB modem, turn it into a RAP, or point it to a different master controller.  This information is normally written into the flash of an AP and survives a reboot, as opposed to other parameters that are received when an AP is connected to a controller.

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Re: AP Configuration Profiles versus AP Provisioning Profile

You're right, the documentation wasn't very clear. I've added some improvments that will appear in the ArubaOS 6.2 User Guide.  Thanks for pointing this out!


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