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AP Coverage & number of users

For indoor AP Models , i cannot find info about distance each AP covers & number of users it can handel ?

AP90, AP93 , AP104/105 , AP124/a25

Re: AP Coverage & number of users


Those links contain datasheets: (each datasheet contain the info u asked in the last pages)

they will give u the antenna pattern plots.The distance is in Wifi is an issue based on a lot ot variables (Radio / building/floor topology/ energy saving mode,client antenna,driver,software,band and much much more)

U may use VisualRF with cad files (and good dimensions) to get a good idea.






regarding maximum clients - it's depends a lot of things (spectrum usage,client user type,services,location,signal level and much much more) - I personally don't like to connect more than 25 users on 1 radio module

please read the following thread:




More benchmark info (for other AP module)






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Re: AP Coverage & number of users

Thanks Man 

for antenna pattern plot ( attached )  , i understant it shows radiation pattern in Horizontal & Vertical Plans 

numbers around the Circle are degrees ( Angles ) ... but what about other numbers , i can see cicle start at Circle center with -30  then goes to reach 0 , what is that  & This is versus distance or what  ? 

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Re: AP Coverage & number of users

Telnet -1.


Please look at the Indoor 802.11n site survey and planning VRD on the page here:  http://www.arubanetworks.com/technology/reference-design-guides/


It will tell you what you really need to focus on for your deployment.  How many users an access point can handle, as well as how far it can send a signal are two factors, but quite a few other factors come into play that are just as important.  Just take a look at the VRD and it will list the number of questions that you should be asking and getting answers to.

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