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AP Fail-over process question?

I have 4 controllers :


2 Controlers configured with VRRP with IP VLAN 10 (Master Controllers)


2 Controllers are Locals with IPs, (VLAN 10) for communicating between masters and VLAN 20 for APs connectivity


the access points terminated on Locals with VLAN ID of 20 IP ( and (


now I have configured AP Fast fail over primary LMS is ( and Backup LMS (


I have Configured DHCP on Local Controllers so I can see access points.


I have aslo Enable routing between the 2 VLANs on my Core switch .


now should I enable DHCP also on VLAN 10 on te Master Controller so access points can communicate with network?


and how  I can get access points automatically to the local after a fail?

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Re: AP Fail-over process question?

1. do not use controller as DHCP server. If your controller working as DHCP server goes down, and if one of the then any AP booting up at that time won't get ip-address. Use external DHCP server.


2. In your design, AP Fast Failover will work for two local controllers, but if  both pof them goes down, then AP will go to the backup lms ip controller and come up there as far as it has IP connectivity.

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