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AP Failover and Client DHCP

I've inherited an Aruba setup and am trying to both reverse engineer it and determine what needs to be fixed.

I have a Master controller and a local controller.
The ap system-profile is configured with backup-lms to the master. 

When the local fails, the APs *do* failover to the Master successfully. The issue we found is that new Clients were not able to get an IP Address during this period. DHCP is currently configured on the site router for the particular SSID in question - it is not on the controllers.


My question is, what's the configuration needed (if it's possible) to allow that a new client would still obtain an IP Address when the local controller has failed and the AP is now connected to the Master.



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Re: AP Failover and Client DHCP

sorry for multiple posts - it kept erroring when I was attmpting to post saying try again later..

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