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AP Group as unit of management in Dashboard view

Configuring an Aruba (remote)wlan relies on the grouping of AP's into an "AP group" as an object that has properties, like a name. To my collegues I sometimes say "I don't care about an individual AP. If it dies or gets stolen, I haven't lost the config, only the device. The other AP's try to remedy. That's the cool aspect of having a controller." 


So my unit of management is the AP group.


AP groups are often boundaries of geographical location. I use the city's of our sites as AP group names.


I hoped that the Dashboard would use the same unit of management. This would allow me to conclude that "Christine is NOW in our Brussels site.


Unless I overlooked something essential, it looks like I'll have to rename individual AP's to reflect their parents name ?



thx for any pointers





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Re: AP Group as unit of management in Dashboard view


My bad.


There's an "AP" button on the header bar, if you press that a column "AP group" appears.

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