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AP Installation-Provisioning Scripting

We are looking for a way to automate the initial AP provisioning for campus APs.  We will be doing a forklift upgrade to Aruba and will be turning up hundreds of AP-134’s at the same time.  The system layout is two 3600’s serving as master and master backup with a 64 AP license.  The locals are M3’s and are configured with VRRP redundancy.  I would like to script the AP provisioning on the master via a command line script that takes a text file with mac address, AP name, and AP group.  The issue is that there are no CLI commands for AP installation (or is there?).  Thanks in advance.

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Re: AP Installation-Provisioning Scripting

Yes, there are CLI commands to provision APs:


provision-ap copy-provisioning-params ap-name 00:00:00:00:00:00
provision-ap installation default
provision-ap ipaddr
provision-ap netmask
provision-ap gateway
provision-ap dns-server-ip
provision-ap domain-name domain.net
provision-ap no external-antenna
provision-ap server-name aruba-master
provision-ap ap-group "Group1"
provision-ap ap-name "AP1"
provision-ap no syslocation
provision-ap mesh-role none
provision-ap no fqln
provision-ap reprovision ap-name 00:00:00:00:00:00


The "provision-ap installation default" command is to set the AP to indoor or outdoor (if you set it to default, it will use the default for the AP type).  The others are pretty self explanatory.  You don't need the IP settings if you use DHCP.

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Re: AP Installation-Provisioning Scripting

Thanks, I appreciate the info.

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