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AP Matrix



Exists a list of brands or models of AP's/AM  supported by the Airwave. 

I know that the Airwave is Multi-Vendor but I want to know more about it.


And if it is possible know which limits or what happens with the Aps different from Aruba. 


I can use this new APs to do Tracking, heatmaps etc.?


I want to know this because I need to integrate an old Cisco/Motorola base with new Aruba APs and of course Airwave.




Re: AP Matrix

Try the supported device matrix.



If you're not getting to it directly from the link, the path is:


Documentation tab

Software User & Reference Guides



AirWave Supported Devices for 7.5.x


Pay close attention to the latest supported firmware column.  The document pertains to devices that can be monitored/managed by AMP.  For visualization of location tracking and heatmaps, you'll be using the VisualRF portion of the product.  You should be able to add any monitored/managed device into a floor plan.  Note that the accuracy is based on the accuracy of the floor plan image and monitored/managed device placement on the floor plan.

Rob Gin
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Re: AP Matrix


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