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AP Placement for Warehouse storage shelves with multiple layers

We are building a warehouse and a big part of it will be a so called "pick tower" were people will get items from Shelves with multiple levels. I read the Aruba presentations about AP Placement in warehouses but Im not sure how to plan the multiple layer factor. This is how it will look like:



 The ceiling is 12m (~40 feet) high and the single levels are 3m (~10 feet). When I follow the guides by using omnidirectional down-tilt antennas from the ceiling I can't simulate it in Visual RF deeper than 1 Level down from the ceiling. I assume 15db attenuation for the floor. Should I handle the levels like seperate floors and plan APs on every level?

Or is there another favorable approach I could try regarding this structure(e.g. directional antennas)? 


I'd love to make a survey with a qualified vendor but the building isn't even under construction yet and the plans for the ethernet terminations already need to be done. So the worst case would be to put an Ethernet Port for every possible smart AP placement and to decide after survey which ones to use. 



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