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AP Provisioning #BMC

AP Provisioning is a very that straight forward easy to do task that every wireless engineer will do thousands of time in their career.


AP provisioning has a very easy task to do. First you will need to create an AP group on the controller. You can completely finish the AP profile before you provision or you can create a blank group and fine tune the configuration later. When you have an AP group started or configured you can start the provisioning process. Under Configuration>AP Installation you will select the individual or group of access points and hit the provision button,

AP provisioning.PNG


then select the AP group you created and scroll to the bottom and hit the Apply and Reboot button


AP provisioning group.PNG


There are some other options you can configure on this screen but most of the time it is not necessary. Provisioning is great because after the initial configuration of the AP group you will never have to configure it again (unless you have to make a change). The configuration is stored on the controller and when the AP boots it pulls the configuration and you have no other configuration to worry about other than the AP group. With the simplicity of the provisioning process you can create simple network consisting of 100 or 10 access points in the same amount of time.

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