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AP QoS DSCP value changing

Hi All,

Aruba is saying that from QoS point of view AP is keeping QoS setting comming from client.
But according to my experience client application is sending DSCP value 26, AP is receiving on wireless radio as priority 3 packet and then sending it on AP wired uplink as DSCP CS3.

DSCP 26 (client) -> priority 3 (AP radio) -> DSCP CS3 (AP wired uplink)


So as soon as client packet is encapsulated to GRE AP is changing DSCP value to CS3 even when original DSCP value was DSCP 26.


Is this expected behavior? By default is it always that AP is able to take only 3 most left bits from DSCP and those bits are placed to GRE so in GRE we are able just to get DSCPs CS1, CS2, CS3,...?




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Re: AP QoS DSCP value changing

I have the same problem, no way to mirror the dscp value from the client packet to the outer gre packet!


And even worse, after passing the controller the DSCP value is completley removed!


If you find a solution please share it with us!






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Re: AP QoS DSCP value changing

Hi Markus,

what I am doing is WMM mapping.

Client skype application is using DSCP value 46. According WMM standart this value belongs to WMM category "VI" (video).

So it means I am getting over wireless from skype WMM category "VI" and on AP I am mapping this category to DCSP value 46.


wlan ssid-profile "XYZ"                          
   wmm-vi-dscp 46


It means that outer GRE header will have now DSCP value 46.


According to my test, controller will then decapsulate GRE packet and will use  on his uplink classicall ethernet packet with client DSCP there. So it means on uplink of controller I have again DSCP 46.

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