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AP Reboots - AirWave reporting multiple AP's go down and within seconds back up

Hello- I was hoping to discuss an issue that I have since implementing new AP's last summer. Very randomly, I get an email alert from AirWave saying that multiple AP's in a building have gone down and within a few seconds to a minute a second email saying they are back up. All access points are AP-325's. 5 buildings are IAP and the 6th building is using a 7205 controller. Issue happens randomly across all buildings, not at the same time though. All switches were replaced at the same time the new AP's went in. We are using a mixture of HPE 5130 and 5510's. A ticket with HP was opened for this and they thought it was a PoE issue, so they sent us new PoE firmware. That definitely helped with how often it happens, but I still randomly get the emails. Wondering if anyone has run into this before or if you have any ideas of what to look at. I'm not sure if the AP is actually rebooting or not to be honest, it seems like the alert of it going down and then up again is too quick for it to be rebooting. Thanks!

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