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AP Remote Logging

Does anyone know of any syslog-ng chicanery to log AP messages into folders named after ap-name?  TAC tells me that is not possible by way of any controller configs.  Just curious if anyone has any suggestions.





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Re: AP Remote Logging

Is this for Instant or for Controller?

Can you explain what the ultimate goal is, as having the logs for all APs under a controller or Instant VC usually makes more sense as the wireless system behaves like a single entity?


My syslog-ng is configured to log messages in a separate file by source IP, which is something trivial to set up:

source s_net { udp(port(514)); tcp(); tcp(port(10000)); };
destination d_remote { file("/var/log/remote/$HOST-$YEAR$MONTH$DAY.log"); };
log { source (s_net); destination (d_remote); };

With $HOST, it will take the host-name via reverse DNS when available or IP if it is not available. The $YEAR$MONTH$DAY results in a log file per day.

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