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AP Specific SSID's

Customer has several AP groups identified in controller


SSID's change depending on where you are at in the building (it's a really big building)


They now want to broadcast a new SSID to just one specific AP that is already part of a group.


No problem. I created the new SSID and went to AP Configuration> AP Specific Tab. Selected the AP and added the new SSID to it's virual AP.


Question is this...... do you have to add all the rest of the SSID's that are in the group as well or will it inherit those in addition to the one new one I've added?


Just not sure if I need to add the group ones to the AP specific virtual AP or not.



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Re: AP Specific SSID's

AP specifc is to add or exclude certain settings.


Anything that is defined at the group level will inherit down to the AP unless it is excluded under ap specific.

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