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AP and controller in different vlan

Hi all,


i am stucked in the state which AP cannot register to controller.


below is my design.


I have two controller form a master/local(Active/Passive) design.

master ip :

local ip :


Active controller ip :

Passive controller ip:



AP vlan/subnet:  vlan 100, ip range:


two ssid:

a) guest, vlan 200, bridge local.

b) employee, vlan 300, bridge local.


so , the AP port i need to trunk all vlan (100,200,300)

the controller port i just need to trunk vlan 100.

am i concept right??


but the APs are still cannot register on Controller?

would anyone mind give me some idea??


thx a lot.



Re: AP and controller in different vlan


For you design I would consider using another VLAN for your APs and don't share it with your controller management VLAN


VLAN 20 - /24


You need to trunk back to the switchs where the APs are connected :



Your controllers:


Master ip : , interface vlan 100

Local ip : , interface vlan 100


From your switch the APs need to be able to reach the controller on VLAN 100.


Your APs will find your controller using these options:

DHCP option 43

ADP (this is enabled by default on the controller)

DNS (aruba-master)

Static configuration on your APs


Also make sure you have an IP assigned under your AP-System Profile (LMS IP : :VRRP VIP)




Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: AP and controller in different vlan

so ,  the vrrp ip address should be the same subnet with Master ip & Local ip???

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Re: AP and controller in different vlan

Did you ever get any access points to associate to the controller before?  If the answer is no, you should start simple first and make sure that happens before you add any redundancy.  If it worked at one time, retrace your steps and remove everything you added before it stopped working.

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