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AP at remotes sites



I recently pre-provisioned some APs (98s and 105s) to be used as RAPs at sites that are connected via routed links and leased circuits. When the APs were installed, although they picked up a DHCP IP address and are live on the local network, they are unable to connect to the central controller ( a 3400). 


I think I know why they did not provision correctly but is there a way of re-provisioning the AP without bringing back to our main office so it can talk to to the controller? It would be much easier if I could fix them on site.





Re: AP at remotes sites

Unlike true RAPs they do not support zero config setup, but if you have console access into the AP, you may be able to fix your problem.   What do you think is incorrect?


console in, power up the AP, stop the boot process when the message appears to do so


printenv will show your current settings; check to see if your error is there


setenv <command> will allow you to make changes



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Re: AP at remotes sites

I think the issue is that they were pre provisioned to point at the hostname of aruba-master rather than the Ip address of our controller. The routers that they connect to at each site can't resolve the name so that's what is causing the problem. I just need to amend the master setting to be the IP rather than the hostname. (I hope!)

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