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AP bridge to another AP

Hi All,



I'll start by asking a question right away.


Can AP be a bridge for another AP? Let's suppose both APs are AC powered and managed by a controller. It's definitely not possible in Instant deployment, that I know. But it's an open question for me in controller deployment. 


A scheme is AP1(mesh portal) ~radio link~ AP2 (mesh point and bridge) --wired link-- AP3


So, AP2 and AP3 are that APs I want to connect by wire. AP's model is 374.


I will appreciate any comments and help.

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Re: AP bridge to another AP

Looking at your quesiton are you proposing something like this


AP(client access) - Switch - AP(bridge) <-->AP(bridge) - Switch - AP(client access)


Also this might provide some insight





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Re: AP bridge to another AP

Hi Airbud,


The scheme you provided isn't actually that I wanted to deploy. I wanted to eliminate a switch between APs. But thank you for your reply.


I have tested the scheme I provided in my lab, and it works. Of course, It's better to use a managed switch for being able to check cables going to APs. But still, it's possible to connect 2 APs by cable in controller-managed solution.

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