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AP classified as interfering not logged with syslog nor registered with wms

We have a non authorized AP classified as interfering, if we clear it from wms when the 6000 master controller detects it again it gets classified as interfering as well but the command show wms ap list | include inter doesn't show me anything.


Here are the commands sequence:


(aruba_master) #clear wms ap 00:14:7f:61:0a:0d
(aruba_master) #
(aruba_master) #show clock

Wed Jun  6 12:33:02 CEST 2012


show wms ap 00:14:7f:61:0a:0d

AP Info
BSSID              SSID                  Channel  Type        RAP_Type     Status  Match MAC          Ageout
-----              ----                  -------  ----        --------     ------  ---------          ------
00:14:7f:61:0a:0d  SpeedTouchF89998_bis  1        generic-ap  interfering  up      00:00:00:00:00:00  -1


(aruba_master) #show wms ap list | include Spee

(aruba_master) #



Why this interfering ap is not viewed after the command?



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