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AP code from TFTP server

I am trying to get an image onto an AP105, however I cannot get it to talk to the TFTP server. I have set the "serverIP" address variable along with the others needed for connectivity, but the device cannot ping the server. Its a simple setup on a bench, so to speak, both devices connected to the same switch, ports 1 and 2, in the same IP subnet. The AP boot cycles and outputs the following - "TFTP from server; our IP address is". I have used the default range of for the devices - anyone any idea of whats going on.

Re: AP code from TFTP server

Is there a firewall between the AP and the server ?

setenv master <IP address>
setenv serverip <IP address>
setenv bootcmd tftpboot

upgrade os serverip:filename

Can you ping the AP from the server ?
Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: AP code from TFTP server

Its just two endpoint devices plugged into two switchports - one is the server, one is the AP and the switch is the default gateway. The AP cannot ping either the default gateway or the server. I have not set the master address as there is no master present, hence the need for the TFTP server.

If I use the "upgrade os" command it spits out the same odd IP address - "TFTP from server; our IP address is; sending through gateway

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