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AP down but pingable from controller

One master controller at main site running and several AP's at branch offices. Since today one AP shows as "down" but I can ping it from the master controller. Tried to reboot the master and AP. In a traffic capture I have noticed no (GRE) traffic whatsoever from the AP towards the master controller. Traffic rules allowed all communication in both directions to/from AP and controller. The AP's have static IPs and the IP of the controller is also statically configured, so no ADP/DNS/DCHP whatsoever.


I'm guessing I don't have any other options than to verify this with a console cable? Or is this a remote way to access the AP?


Why could the AP lose their "master" configuration setting?

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Re: AP down but pingable from controller

Or if the AP does not have a discovery method locally...

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Re: AP down but pingable from controller


Do they show up on the local controllers ?


If the APs show up on the local  is possible that the master - local are having issues syncing this particular information 


run a show gap-debug on the local and master and provide the results 

Thank you

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Re: AP down but pingable from controller

Perhaps run a printenv on the AP and see what the master is? Can you ping from the AP to the master?

I recently (accidentally) provisioned an AP to an IP address which didn't exists and saw the exact same issue :smileyvery-happy:

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: AP down but pingable from controller

Found no way of changing this remotely so branched it directly through console and did a factory reset. Instead of statically configuring the master IP I enabled DHCP configurations with DNS discovery. Problem solved.

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