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AP management subnet size


I have  a customer who is having a VLAN for his APs.

The current size of the subnet is /23. Having this subnet soon maxed out, it's time to either expand the subnet to a /22 or creating a new VLAN.


The preferred way would be to expand the subnet to a /22, because having another VLAN for APs in the same Layer 2 infrastructure would cause a little bit of administrative headache.


So my question is:

Do you see any problems with having up to 1000 APs in the same VLAN? The APs are in tunneled mode.

Broadcast is the factor I have in mind that could cause problems. But what other traffic in this VLAN would be broadcasted except DHCP packets, ADP and ARP packets to Gateway or Controller?


Another quick question:

Does ADP work on a VLAN that is not the controller-ip VLAN? Given that you have a L3 interface in the controller on that VLAN.




Aranya AB, Sweden
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Re: AP management subnet size

If it is only APs, in a larger subnet, I don't see a problem with it.  If it is APs and other devices, the broadcast and multicast wired traffic could end up being an issue in the future and silently degrade your traffic.


If the APs attempt to do ADP, the controller will respond with its controller-ip (controller management ip address) and not the ip address of the controller on that layer 2 VLAN.

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