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AP mobility between clusters

I currenctly have one cluster with 3 650 controllers that needs to be upgraded to ArubaOS 6.4 due to AP 103 installation requirements. The thing is, I still work with the 63 model of AP, which cannot be upgraded to 6.4, so I thought about creating one new separeted cluster to manage my 63s.


If I only manage to get the needed APs to this currenctly local controller and then promoting it to master of a new cluster, will the APs work smootly with the configuration passed from the previous master or should I first create a new cluster and only then migrate the 63s?


Thank you!

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Re: AP mobility between clusters


You will need to consider how the AP-63s find the master controller whilst the AP-103s find the ArubaOS 6.4 master controller. You may want to move all the AP-63s in to a dedicated VLAN or VLANs and set specific DHCP options in those subnets to force the AP-63s to talk to the correct controller.

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Re: AP mobility between clusters

Hey David! Thanks for your reply!


My AP-63s are discovering their master through the "Master Controller IP Address" option being specified during AP provision, so I didn't see the need for a specific VLAN just for these APs, right? What i tried to do was to move all of the 63s to a local-slave Aruba 650 controller that I have. My doubt is, this controller is working as slave and I want to get it out of the cluster so I can upgrade all of the others controllers, but will it copy the configuration of my current master as it becomes master of another cluster or should I first move it to master and then specify the configurations myself?

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Re: AP mobility between clusters

no really sure if it will keep its config if you turn a local into a master. you can always just save the current config and put it back if it is wiped.

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Re: AP mobility between clusters

Thanks for your reply boneyard, but I already changed the controller to a new cluster. It keeps it's configuration, but in order to change an AP from its previous master to the new master, I had to double-check VRRP, AP-System and DHCP settings, as some of each were now leading to out-of-reach controller.



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