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AP range @ Survey

i did outdoor Survey & AP-175 was able to reach distance 200 Meter with Signal strength as good on laptop ( -65dbm )

a colleague told me that theoritically a client ( laptop ) cannot be far from AP more then 150 M as it will get signal but will not be able to transmit .

another colleague told me that if client ( laptop ) Rxed signal strenght as good ( -65dbm)  , so it wikl be able to transmit back to the AP antenna normally 

i'm confused now 

Re: AP range @ Survey



Read the following link (really old one :smileyfrustrated: )

(It will clearfy for you in a few simple words the concept your colleagu spoke about)


Understanding 802.11 Client Wi-Fi Adapters


if further info needed - just free free to ask. :smileywink:

good night.



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Re: AP range @ Survey



It is absolutely possible to connect and pass traffic out to between 400 and 500 meters from an Aruba outdoor AP with modern laptop.


Smartphones and tablets with single antenna chains sometimes have reduced range, it depends entirely on the radio chipset inside the device.  And how much power it is configured to use.



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Re: AP range @ Survey

Hi telnet


I have definitely had laptops send and receiving over large distances using the AP 175's. What you need to be wary of is hidden node issues that can affect large coverage areas when you have multiple devices connected at once.


Hidden node in case you are not familiar with it is when two devices that are on the wireless network can see the AP but they are not able to see each other. This can lead to data collisions and excessive retries which will impact on the wireless performance.


It just depends on what sort of bandwidth your clients are using on the wireless, if they are using fairly high bandwidth applications then you will more than likely see the effects of hidden node. If the clients are only using low bandwidth applications then the hidden node issue may only have minimal impact.


If you need any more info on that let me know.







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