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AP register to the local AC

Hi everyone:

If I have the local-master infrastructure,and my aps are all registering in the master ac.

Only if the master ac can't work normaly,the aps are registering to the local AC.

So here is my problem,how can I let the aps registering to the local,when the master

one is working normaly?

Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.

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Re: AP register to the local AC

If your aps are using DNS, put a second DNS address (the local controller)in the Aruba-master record, as well. That way, the access point will try both addresses when it boots.

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Re: AP register to the local AC

Where your AP terminates is handled by the AP System profile. Here is an example with my local controller being IP address 



ap-group "site1"
ap-system-profile "site1ApSysProfile"
ap system-profile "site1ApSysProfile"




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Re: AP register to the local AC

you approach is a way of registing to the local when the master ac are working normaly,but your condition is booting and when the ap try the both address , local one or master one ,the result should be random? Can I comprehend that?

Can I achieve this effect? The APs are registing in the Master one,after i entered some special commands the APs are registering the local one immediately?

When test the local one whether can  take over the aps,I reload the master one.I think it's not a proper way to test.

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Re: AP register to the local AC

I think your approach is failback,it should be working when the resgistered ac is not working normaly,the aps would try to find the lms-ip's ac.Can I comprehend that?

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Re: AP register to the local AC



There are two processes at work here, one is the AP bootstrap process which is used for the AP to find a controller to get its code and config upon boot and the other is the configuration of the AP-Group, specifically the ap system-profile.  AP would need to be able to find primary and backup on boot, this can be done via DNS by having both primary and backup controller resolve to the "aruba-master" hostname.  Assuming an AP can find a controller, whether primary or backup, upon boot, it will pull its config from the controller which will tell it what its primary controller is and what its backup controller is.  This is done through the lms-ip (primary) and bkup-lms-ip (backup) settings in the ap system-profile.  The AP will follow this config to determine where it should terminate its tunnels upon boot and when their is a failure.  It is important to note that the initial DNS lookup only tells the AP where to go get its config, NOT where to terminate its tunnels.  So, you can have an AP that contacts the backup for its config (because that was the first address in the DNS response) but get redirected to the primary because of the ap system-profile settings.


Hope that helps clear it up.




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Re: AP register to the local AC

Your answer was brilliant. Your detialed reply give me a new knowledge to the DNS and lms-ip.

Actually,a thought suddenly came out in my mind.

I can do this,the two acs have the vrrp configuration,master one is the vrrp master,local one is the vrrp local.

These APs registered to the VRRP virtual IP.I can shutdown the master one's vrrp interface.

Thses APs still register to the the virtual ip,but the virtual ip is taken over by the local one.

The APs resigtered to the local one.

I know this approach is limited.It just adapt to the local and master are in the same subnet.

Ohterwise,I should consider the DNS and LMS-ip.

Whatever, thanks for your detialed reply.


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