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AP's Not Registering with VMC

Hi, I have IAP-315 AP's and I am trying to convert them to campus ap's pointing to our VMC which is managed by a virtual MM. It was working at one point, but not anymore...not sure what happened as we were troubleshooting other issues, and then all of the sudden this stopped working. 


The AP's show on their own GUI that they convert successfully. They then reboot, but I don't ever see them in the list of AP's on the VMC. And teh AP's just continually reboot and I can no longer log into them unless I factory default them.

I've tried various 8.0 codes, 8.1, and 8.2...but still the same thing. Is there a command I can do on the VMC or MM to see if infact they AP's are connecting to the VMC? It's pulling an image, so I assume it has to be connecting to the VMC, but there is nothing in the AP database nor in the GUI of the MM showing the AP's exists. 

Thanks for the help!

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Re: AP's Not Registering with VMC

I would check the log on the VMC "show log all 50" to see if anything sticks out.


Could be licensing or CPsec issue.

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Re: AP's Not Registering with VMC

Thank you. If it were a licensing issue, should I still be able to see AP's show up unprovisioned in the AP list of the VMC? I didn't see anythign on the VMC as far as AP's pulling an image/connecting to it, so I'm assumign there is something messing with the connection; however, it's weird that it even pulls an image/converts in the first place. 

Thanks for the response and help. I'll continue digging into this. 

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Re: AP's Not Registering with VMC

Scratch that last comment. I finally got some type of log message for one AP although the other AP didnt' show up in the log:


Dec 21 16:46:23 authmgr[5776]: <522275> <5776> <ERRS> |authmgr| User Authentication failed. username=a8:bd:27:c0:cd:b4 userip=(AP PRIVATE IP) usermac=a8:bd:27:c0:cd:b4 authmethod=VPN servername=Internal serverip=(Mobility Master IP) apname=N/A bssid=00:00:00:00:00:00


Does this have to do with whitelisting the AP? I've tried whitelisting it though and no luck. I'll look more into what is happening. Thanks again for the show log info.

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Re: AP's Not Registering with VMC

So, the issue has been resolved. I think the issue was two-fold:

1.) The subnet I was using to give an IP to the AP via DHCP, was an old scope that had option 43 with a value of an old controller. I since created a new scope with option 60 and option 43 with the values of ArubaAP and the IP of the new controller respectively.


2.) Doing a [show ap database] in the MM, I saw 3 old AP's with a switch IP of the old controller. In the VMC, I did not see any. I did a [clear gap-db ap-name (name of AP shown in the [show ap database])] on the MM. I then factory reset the AP...logged in to the web interface of the AP...and converted it to Campus AP pointing it to the VMC. 

The AP came up and now showing.

Thanks for the help!

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