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AP's going Down

We are seeing Weird issue at Customer site .  7210  is the Master controller and few 7210  local controllers are working fine. in


Customer added one more  7210 Controller at Remote site. when ever customer adds a new AP or AP's on the remote site we all the 900 odd AP's going down on the Master Controller and all AP's are coming back with 5 to 6 minutes .


Licensing is centralized and have sufficient licenses


AP's remote site and AP's on other local controllers are different subnet and Vlan for sure.


what are all the Possible reasons may be causing this,  as issue seems quite Weird for me.





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Re: AP's going Down

Possibly a duplicate IP somewhere? If you run the following to view the logs, is there any clues?


show log all 50


If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: AP's going Down

No Duplicate IP for sure. As all the AP's coming back up online after minutes and  even the new AP connected on the remote site. things are working fine.


Will check the logs on the Master Controllers & Other local controllers tomorrow by going to that Place.


is there any issue with regards number of local controllers etc.

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Re: AP's going Down

You have good questions, but not much information.  "show log system 50" on the master controller will show if the individual controllers are going down.  "show log system 50" on the local controller will show the reason for local APs going down as well as when they come up, and WHY they went down in the first place.  Start with the messages in the log and take it from there.

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Re: AP's going Down

Issue was due to IPSEC between Master & Local controllers was flapping.


As the IPSEC was flapping AP's are showing down on Master Dashboard but actually not down on the Associated controllers.


Ping from Wired PC to Master controller having Drops. Looks to be network issue for now. We are still working on the issue as too many teams are involved


Thanks a lot again to all

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