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AP's keep being unprovisioned


Hi all,


We created a new AP Group with 4 VAP's and a system AP profile where the LMS is configured correctly. This new configuration is configured for a new local 620 controller. When we provision new AP's for this new local controller (provisioning gets done on the master controller), all settings are applied, but when the AP's start up again, they're flagged "unprovisioned". They appear online like the rest of the AP's on the master, but are "invisible" for the local controller. However, the AP's and the local controller can ping each other - this is obvious because they're on the same VLAN. What could be the problem here?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: AP's keep being unprovisioned

Try typing "show log system 50" on the controller to get an idea of what is going on....  Double-check that LMS-Address..


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Re: AP's keep being unprovisioned

Please confirm that you saved the configuration after creating the new AP Group to push the settings to the new local controller and then confirm the 620 actually has the changes.   I had a similar problem once and the customer had not saved the configuration so the APs new what group to be in, but he local controller did not have it yet.

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Re: AP's keep being unprovisioned

Thanks for the fast replies!


The sho log system command is indeed very useful to troubleshoot. I checked the LMS 4 times or so, because I was thinking the same.


We configured the VAP's and system profile on the local controller and when they synced, the master knew it too. We also reloaded the local controller a few times, so the config was definetely saved.


A technician of our vendor did a firmware upgrade on all the controllers and now the AP's aren't unprovisioned anymore... I'll ask him if he did something to solve the problem (I didn't tell him the problem yet). If he didn't do anything, I guess it was a firmware issue. I'll post it here when I get his answer.


Can someone post a step by step setup on how to create a new AP group with existing vap's please? That way we can verify if we didn't forget a setting. (We're not that into wizards, because we want to know everything that gets configured :-)  )



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Re: AP's keep being unprovisioned

The reply of the Technician of our vendor is as follows:



No, I didn't change anything. But when the local controller reloads, it also forces a reload of connected AP's. Then the AP's check their respective software image and upgrade if necessary. This behavior may explains why the 2 AP's are now synchronized with the new ArubaOS.



Apparently that was a firmware problem...


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