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Re: AP will not grab an IP and connect to the controller.

Couple of suggestions...


1. You say you're using ADP. This is multicast based. Assuming this site is routed, is the multicast routing going to work all the way from the controller VLAN to the AP VLAN in question? Are you 100% the other APs in that VLAN aren't statically provisioned, and therefore not dependant on ADP?


2. If the AP is struggling to contact the controller, you should be able to ping it between boot cycles. Assuming you allow ICMP through the Juniper, can you ping it periodically, then it goes away, comes back ok? This should prove the unicast/routing path.


3. In the Juniper, can you see the DHCP lease for the AP, and does it align to the AP MAC correctly?


4. Assuming the switch type used to provision is the same as the one onsite, can you interogate the PoE draw/delivered on the AP port? What does it show? If the cable to the AP (on the wall or whatever) is new and not well crimped/made, you might be loosing PoE delivery potential down the cable, and the AP might not be able to get enough. I assume when you provisioned it, you did it with a shorter cable on a desk or similar into the switch. That won't have as much loss, so it's different.




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Re: AP will not grab an IP and connect to the controller.

Sorry,  I was incorrect about ADP, it's actually using a DNS record of aruba-master which resolves to the IP of the master controller.


The AP is not actually getting an IP as I pointed out earlier, nor is its MAC address showing in the switch port table, therefore no DHCP lease.


Here are the details of the MAC address and POE stats for that port.


nwa002@kw9611ax302> show ethernet-switching table interface ge-0/0/21
Ethernet-switching table: 0 unicast entries
VLAN                                                 MAC address                Type                               Age     Interfaces
VLAN-NETAPMGT                           *                                      Flood                               -         All-members
VLAN-VOICE-22                              *                                      Flood                               -         All-members




nwa002@kw9611ax302> show poe interface ge-0/0/21

PoE interface status:

PoE interface :                          ge-0/0/21
Administrative status :            Enabled
Operational status :                 ON
Power limit on the interface : 30.0W
Priority :                                       Low
Power consumed :                  6.8W
Class of power device :          4
PoE Mode :                               802.3at



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Re: AP will not grab an IP and connect to the controller.

It doesn't look like the AP is able to draw enough power. This makes me suspect the cable as per my suggestions.


Whilst this might be challenging, I think you've only 2 options.


1. Get somebody to re-terminate both ends of the cable. Might work.


2. Get the AP down, and plug it directly into that switch port at ground level (use a 3m patch or similar). Whilst this is difficult, if it works it will prove everything out except the cable which means you know the problem for sure.


How long is the cable, and was it run in by a proper cabling guy?


Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)