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AP won't License

I am having a problem adding an AP to a 3600 controller running software.


I connected a new AP to the network and it shows up on the controller with a IL flags (Inactive and unlicensed)


There are 24 unused licenses on the controller. (See screenshots)


I've tried a couple different new AP's but they all show up the same way.


Control plane security is off.


I've rebooted the controller as well.... no luck.


Any ideas????




Re: AP won't License

Can't tell from your limited screen shot if you have other feature licenses on the same controller.

For instance, do you have PEF/PEFNG and/or WIP/RFP licenses as well ?


If you do, are they quantity = 128 or quantity = 152 ?


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Re: AP won't License

(Master_Aruba3600-US) #show ap license-usage

Total AP Licenses                       : 152

Remote-Node AP Licenses Used            : 0

AP Licenses Used                        : 128

 Tunneled Node Licenses Used                     : 0

Unused AP Licenses                      : 24

Licenses used for Campus AP's           : 128

Available Campus AP's                   : 0

Licenses used for Remote AP's           : 0

Available Remote AP's                   : 0

Total Ortronics AP Licenses             : 0

Ortronics AP Licenses Used              : 0

Total Indoor Mesh AP's Supported        : 512

 Indoor Mesh AP's Active                 : 0

Total Outdoor Mesh AP's supported       : 512

Outdoor Mesh AP's Active                : 0

Total PEF Licenses                      : 152

Remote-Node PEF Licenses Used           : 0

PEF Licenses Used                       : 128

Total 802.11n-120abg Licenses   : 0

 802.11n-120abg Licenses Used    : 0

Total 802.11n-121abg Licenses   : 0

802.11n-121abg Licenses Used    : 0

Total 802.11n-124abg Licenses   : 0

802.11n-124abg Licenses Used    : 0

Total 802.11n-125abg Licenses   : 0

802.11n-125abg Licenses Used    : 0

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Re: AP won't License

A 3600 will only support 128 Campus APs.  Aruba allows more AP licenses because a 3600 can support up to 512 remote APs (RAPs).


If these are all in Campus AP (CAP) mode, you have hit the limit of the 3600.

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Re: AP won't License

Wow.... i should have known that. It must be a Friday.... time to go home I think.




Re: AP won't License

Friday is good :)

WIth the full snapshot of the licensing output it can been seen that you have all APs in campus mode.


Notice the 'number of remote APs available: 0' output...   zero is zero ;) 

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