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AP won't go into spectrum mode?

I'm in the process of troubleshooting an issue.  Our SE recommended that test out RF Protect and set one of the APs into Spectrum Mode to see if anything strange is going on in that office.


I've followed the guides - pretty simple - create a new AP Group, change the radio profile(s) to spectrum-mode, then provision the AP(s) and start using the Spectrum Analysis on the controller.  I've got trial RF Protect licenses on both the master and the local controllers (SE wasn't sure if it was needed on both - obviously needed it on the master to enable the spectrum-mode option under the radio profile).


My problem is that the AP is not going into the Spectrum Monitor role.  It is showing up as an Air Monitor.  I've provisioned into the Spectrum group, then re-provisioned back to the office AP group, then back again several times.....always shows up as an Air Monitor.


Any ideas?



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Re: AP won't go into spectrum mode?

What kind of APs?

Also run show license to see if you need to reboot after adding any

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Re: AP won't go into spectrum mode?



Both controllers were rebooted after the licenses were installed.






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Re: AP won't go into spectrum mode?

Did you create new radio profiles for the A and G radios?


Reason is if you are using the default or all the APs are using the same profile then you are trying to modify the profile all the APs in to change one AP into spectrum mode. Try to create a new radio profile and use it for the spectrum AP group.

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Re: AP won't go into spectrum mode?

Yes, new radio profiles were created for both bands.


I have a new AP Group - AM-SpectrumAnalysis.


New 802.11a radio profile - 5GHzSpectrumAnalysis with mode set to spectrum-mode


New 802.11g radio profile - 2.4GHzSpectrumAnalysis with mode set to spectrum-mode


I can put the AP back into the Office-AP-Group with no problems.  I can put the AP back into the default group (AM-Mode) with no problems.  When I put the AP into the AM-SpectrumAnalysis group it appears to go into the proper group, but still only gets reported as an Air Monitor.


My SE was helping me with this, but has gotten busy, so I have a feeling my next step is to open a case with TAC.  Unfortunately I have bunch of people out the next week or so, so I can't really be sure that I'll have time to dedicate to working with TAC. 


The guides seem pretty straight forward.  I was hoping there was something I was missing, but I can't seem to find it.

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