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AP105 - Antenna

I checked the DS of 105, it looks the antenna gain in increased. Is that an hardware change or just a boost with software? Is there any other feature changed?




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Re: AP105 - Antenna



When you say increased, compared to what?


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Re: AP105 - Antenna

we have ap105, and it is written 2.5 dbi in datasheet before. Now it says 3.0. Also it mentions about radio-antenna attenuation of 0.5 dbi. 


So this means it is still the same product, or there is an improvement on hardware? If this can be achieved by software shall we upgrade the code. 






Re: AP105 - Antenna

The product has not changed. To address some specific questions, we introduced a refinement of the antenna spec.


The AP-105 antenna consists of a radiating element (the actual antenna) and a cable + connector. The cable and connector introduce some loss, which was previously accounted for by adjusting the antenna gain number. The new specification more accurately describes reality by separating antenna gain (3dBi) and loss (0.5dB).


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