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AP105 drop ceiling mounting

We are in the process of mounting 36 AP-105s onto a drop ceiling. The problem is the ceiling tiles are the recessed to just snapping them on the rail doesn't work. We usually just us toggle bolts the mounts on the ceiling tiles but these ceiling tiles are made of fiberglass and we are afraid the tiles might sag. Is there a mount for recessed tiles?

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Re: AP105 drop ceiling mounting

Found my own  answer....




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Re: AP105 drop ceiling mounting

The drop ceiling mounts I got are a little cheesy,  they don't snap on all the way.   I ended up running two zip ties around the mount to make it a little more secure. 


Without all it takes is a tap from the right direction to spin the thing off of the rail.   Now if they managed to get it off the rail, it would still be hanging by the zip ties at least.

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Re: AP105 drop ceiling mounting

I'm trying to talk them into the toggle bolts method. It works very well. I pass along your experience to help my case.



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Re: AP105 drop ceiling mounting

I really like the toggle mount method, As I have had to move AP's for coverage issues and found to just take the tile with you and move it...as long as its the same tile size where you need the AP of course..:)

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