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AP105 grid ceiling kit - where to find?


We have a school that has AP105s that were installed in a bracket with a number 2210250 on the back.  Attaching photos to this post. This bracket then screws into the metal pan ceiling.  This summer we are getting drop ceiling, and would really love to get some of the grid ceiling kits (15/16" variety) but they aren't manufactured any more.  Does anyone know of a lead for these?

Here's a link to what we're looking for.



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Re: AP105 grid ceiling kit - where to find?

Those are likely AP-105-MNT-DC, which Aruba doesn't carry on our price list but should be easily found out on the internet (CDW, Amazon, etc). 


Ignore the above. You want the AP-105-MNT-C (for 9/16" and 5/16" rails) or the AP-105-MNT-C2 for the SIlhouette or Interlude style rails. 

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Re: AP105 grid ceiling kit - where to find?

Thanks all

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