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AP105 with Dirty Config

I have 2 AP105's in the same location that will not pull a configuration from the local controller.  Each time they both come up with a "D" Flag, as in no config or Dirty config. 


Network TOPO


WAN --> Cisco 3750 (L3) (Vlan100, 15, and 30) --> Trunk -->  Cisco 4500 (L2) --> trunk --> Cisco 3560 (L2)--> Trunk --> Aruba 3400 Controller (Local Interface Vlan15 - Wireless Vlan 30)


We have attempted to connect the AP's to the 4500 and 3560 via vlan 100.  Each time we come up with the D Flag.  We recently upgraded to and appairently the packet size increase.  We are seeing the last 2 part of the fragmented packet at the AP but not the first.  Eventually the AP comes up, after 3 or 4 days, but if its rebooted it starts this whole process again. 


We have AP's on the same Controller/AP-Group/Wireless Vlan that are conencted in various locations on the WAN and they have no issues at all.  We even have AP's connected to the L3, shown above, and these AP's have no issues. 


Troubleshooting to Date:

  1. Moved the AP's from the 4500 to the 3750, worked with no issue
  2. Moved AP's on 4500 to 3750 Vlan, resulted in D Flag
  3. Moved AP's to 3560 on 4500 Vlan as well as 3750 Vlan, resulted in D Flag
  4. Adjusted MTU on AP-GROUP, no change in result


Any ideas as to why we are having this issues? 




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Re: AP105 with Dirty Config

We resolved our issue... 



We have a Tipping Point filtering content between the L3 and the L2's.  We did not see anything being filtered or dropped so we did not suspect the TP. 


After a couple articles about the TP not handling fragmented packets very well we turned off the TP and this allowed the AP's to come right up with no issue.


We made the necessary changes on the TP and we are no longer having issues. 





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