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AP114 external antenna

Hi there,


I'd like to install some AP-114s with external antennas.  


In the past, I have installed some AP-124s with AP-ANT-17 and it was my wrong choice.  The performance was bad in that particular environment and at the end, I replaced the AP-124s with AP-104s.   For the external antennas, I used a Dual Band model from Tessco:



I'm happy with that particular Tessco antenna, and it comes with four RP-SMA connectors and it is a perfect fit for the AP-104.


Now, with the AP-114, it has three RP-SMA connectors - - just like the AP-124.


But for omnidirectional antennas, I don't really see a good option available from the Aruba Antenna product line matrix.


Hence, I'd like to ask the community and see if anyone has any suggestions.  Much appreciated.










Re: AP114 external antenna

The AP-ANT-17 and the one you mentioned are completely different antenna types.  One is directional and the other is omni.


I can't make any recommendations for antennas since I'm not sure on the enviroment you intend to install.  Generally for omni coverage, the AP without external antennas is fine.  If it is mounted on really high ceilings, then maybe one of the down-tilt omnis would suit.

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Re: AP114 external antenna

Hi Michael,


I intend to install an AP114 (or AP104) with some kind of external antenna (see photo.JPG).  The AP can be mounted on the dropped ceiling of the veranda (you can see that they have recessed downlights there).


I'm looking for a type of antenna that would best fit in this environment. You can see the 2nd photo (area_want_wifi.JPG) to have an idea of the area they want to cover.


All comments are welcome!





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