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AP125 - 2.4GHZ SSID's/radio regularly dropping

We have about 230 AP125's on an Aruba 6000 controller running with ARM configured. On a number of AP's, we're seeing the 2.4ghz radio/SSID's drop. It will be up and broadcasting, and then disappear for a few seconds, only to reappear a few seconds later. This is confirmed in both WiFi Analyzer, and the Aruba wireless app.  The 5ghz radio on the same AP is steady. Mode aware ARM is not enabled. Does anyone have any idea as to the reason for this?

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Re: AP125 - 2.4GHZ SSID's/radio regularly dropping



Please do a packet capture and filter on the BSSID of an AP on that channel.  The "dropping" is sometimes the result of collisions or artifacts of the Android scanning process.  Doing a packet capture will show you a continuous stream of packets and if they stop, that means there is dropping.  Otherwise the packet capture should tell you accurately what is and is not being sent.




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